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Autor Tema: "Soy Markus "Notch" Persson, creador de Minecraft. ¡Pregúntame lo que quieras!"  (Leído 944 veces)


Notch está haciendo un AMA (Ask Me Anything) en Reddit en este momento.

Link al AMA.

Hi! I'm the guy who created the first version of Minecraft in June 2009. I worked on it alone up until late 2010 when we started Mojang, and I finally left the lead developer position in December of 2011. I enjoy house music and programming, and my favorite color is purple. Ask me anything!
If you happen to have some money, you can donate it to [1] the EFF and help make the world a better place!

Aprovechad para preguntarle cualquier cosa, tanto si es de Minecraft como si no. ¡Solo para hoy! :D

AMA terminado. Si queréis podéis leer (en inglés) las respuestas a las preguntas que le han formulado.
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Ya se ha acabado :(


Ya se ha acabado :(

¿Tan pronto? La verdad es que me lo he encontrado por sorpresa, no sabía que iba a hacer un AMA... solo 5 horas no es mucho tiempo :/

Bueno, al menos queda el enlace con las preguntas que ya ha respondido...

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extracto de la pagina de AMA en Reddit

Since you are going to be flooded with questions .. and right now I don't have anything to ask that others won't also ask hundreds of times ..
I'd love to hear your favorite anecdote about minecraft or the development of minecraft. What is the story that you like to tell people - if there is nothing asked in particular, but some kind of entertaining story expected. At parties. Or at the bus station, whatever.
I just started recently, love the game. Thank you!
[–]Minecraft CreatorxNotch
The most fun I've ever had playing the game was back before infinite worlds when water had a constant volume. I joined some random server and kinda emergently just started to build a castle with a few people. I built some pretty good looking stables, then we got started on the moat and accidentally flooded it too early.
In an attempt to get rid of the water, I dug down and fell into a cave, which proceeded to get flooded as well.
It was not a pretty castle.
Note to self: ban notch from my server, known griefer.

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